Internal Earthing Ireland

Internal Earthing systems play a vital role in a coordinated lightning and surge protection system. It is responsible for safely dissipating the lightning currents to ground.

An Internal Earthing system shall have low electrical impedance, with conductors large enough to withstand high fault currents. The lower the grounding system impedance, the more effectively the grounding electrode system can dissipate high-energy impulses into the earth.

The objective of Internal Earthing is to bring all the system components to a single point to minimize any difference of potential that may develop between individual components within the system and within the equipment site or area. In order to reach this objective a low-impedance internal single-point earthing system is required for all communication equipment, power systems and any other items and materials located withing the building or structure.

At Lightning Protection Ireland we use a wide range of materials in numerous configurations to achieve the required resistance level as set out in ISEN 62305:2011.

Internal Earthing Ireland

All of Lightning Protection Irelands Internal Earthing works comply with IS EN 62305 and BS 7430.


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