10 Aug 2017
August 10, 2017

ISO accreditation


Lightning Protection Ireland is currently in the process of achieving full ISO accreditation, to serve our clients even better.

As part of this process, all our site operatives have just undergone further intensive training for compliant with BS/IS EN62305 (Testing and Inspection of Lightning Protection Systems).

The training was held in our offices over three days, and was conducted by ATLAS (The Association of Technical Lightning & Access Specialists).

ATLAS has been representing the leading players in the lightning protection and specialist access sector since 1946.

The ’Inspect and Protect’ campaign from ATLAS aims to establish clear standards of competency and encourage clients to specify ATLAS members for testing and inspection work.

We pride ourselves on our high levels of training for all operatives and how we abide by ATLAS practices and standards at all time. These include:

  • Discussing all options and ongoing maintenance costs with clients
  • Providing a comprehensive outline of the work to be undertaken, including:
    • Continuity testing to ensure the system is electrically sound
    • Earth resistance testing using the appropriate method for the design of the system
    • Identification of surge protection requirements and solutions.
  • Fully stating the compliance of the system on all certification

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