NFC 17 102

NFC 17 102 is the International Standard that governs the use of Early Streamer Emission systems (ESEs). These are an alternative to the Faraday Cage system, which many consider the conventional type of lightning protection system, and which are governed by IS EN 62305:2011.

The ESE is a lightning rod with an electronic streamer emission device that uses the atmospheric gradient to store energy. This subsequently emits high frequency pulses to the atmosphere which creates a priority channel for the lightning discharge, known as the upwards leader.

The ESE head captures the lightning strike and safely dissipates the current through the down conductors and into earth.

The benefits of installing an Early Streamer Emission system include:

  • A single lightning rod can cover a radius of protection of over 100 metres.
  • A minimum of just two down conductors and earths are required
  • Easy and cost effective to install
  • Larger radius of protection
  • Designed to withstand adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain and snow
  • Innovative design using the latest architectural trends
  • Certified by a member EU state and complies with the following standards: NFC 17 102, EN 50164-1, CTE SU, UNE 21186, UNE21185.

Lightning Protection Ireland will carefully survey your structure at the analysis and design stage, to determine which type of lightning protection system will suit it best. If we opt for an ESE system, you can be assured that the standards of NFC 17 102 will be fully met.