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    Galway Clinic

    Conducted a review and upgrade of the lightning protection system

The Galway Clinic is a leading private hospital in Galway, and the site of the first private emergency department in the west of Ireland.

Lightning Protection Ireland was engaged to conduct a review and upgrade of the Clinic’s lightning protection system.

Careful consideration of all relevant factors saw us decide upon a CPT 3 Early Streamer Emission (ESE) system, mounted on a four-metre steel support mast. This delivered a radius of protection of 109 metres.

We elected to continue to use the existing lightning protection system with regard to down conductors. This was after testing those existing ones for continuity and deeming them suitable for this purpose.

We used Gun Metal square clamps as joints, and installed two copper pipe bonds from the ESE support mast to the existing lightning protection system.

The work was certified to NFC 17102 standard.